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Register your .com, .net, .org and now the new TLD's .biz and .info names with Apex Solutions whether your hosting with us ot not and benefit from our automatic renewal service. Search for the domain name availability using the Domain Search Form and fill out the information below.

Note: first time registrations with Apex Solutions will be registered for a 2 YEAR PERIOD.

Get your www.domainname.com Regsiter with Apex Solutions
Searches here should be done for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info ONLY.
For .tt names
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First time applications require 2 year registration
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Apex Domain Renewal Service

Renew your .com, .net, .org Domain Name with Apex Solutions for as long as you want. Recently, we have seen an increase in domain hijacking by certain companies who now own the rights to hundred of thousands of domain names. This occurs when a domain name owner allows the registration to lapse in error. If you are interested in a domain name for a long term, we strongly recommend that you consider renewing it for a 5 or 10 year period. Not only does this save you money on renewal fees, it will also help prevent complications that can occur at renewal times due to changes in your e-mail address or contact information.

Renew Domain http://www. for Yr(s). @ $315.00 T.T.
download the application form(PDF Format) here PDF version