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Apex Solutions for your web hosting and web promotional needs! Get Caught in the Web!

With the explosion of sites on the web, how can you make sure customers find you? How do they know where to find you?

One of the ways of getting your website known to the surfing public is through the use of Search Engines. Search Engines are like Internet based Telephone directories which gather and indexes hundreds of websites into their database. This is constantly updated every 5 minutes.

There are many search engines listed on the WWW, new ones are popping up as we speak! as well as new websites. Apex Solutions give you the service of applying to at least 200 of the more common and popular Search Engine sites known to the web surfing majority.

Apex Solutions Ltd has a direct account with Microsoft's SubmitIt the leading reputable Search Engine registrants. Just sign up with us and we take care of the rest for you.

NOTE: IS YOUR WEBSITE SEARCH ENGINE READY? To findout out more and tips on search engine optimisation click here

*NEW Direct Submit!

Apex Solutions Introduces Direct Submit Search Engine Submissions through Inktomi and FAST Search Engine Solutions Provider. Get rapid Inclusions into the major search engine circuit with re-submissions and 'click through reporting'.

Search engine marketing is a powerful and cost effective tool for delivering the right people to your Web site. However, content owners typically have little control over which pages are included and how often they are refreshed. Paid Inclusion programs offer content owners rapid inclusion and refreshes of their content, exposing your site to the millions of monthly users in both the Inktomi and FAST search partner networks.


  • Rapid Inclusion
  • 48 hour refreshes - no need to resubmit
  • Click-thru reporting


Note: prices quoted in T.T. Dollars.
download the application form(PDF Format) here PDF version